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The Game

Inspired by retro platformers and classic cartoons, UNDERCAT is a retro-styled, non-linear 2D action platformer you can play with friends or frenemies in optional co-op and PvP play. Unlock power-ups, sniff out secrets and shoot yourself out of cannons across 32 catastrophic levels.

This game is under development, but you can try beta version

Coming: Summer 2021


  • Four main regions, each containing 8 levels to complete.
  • Co-op mode up to 2 players.
  • Purchase more than 15 different items in the shop.
  • Play various arcade games in your hub.
  • Explore the story of the city by finding artifacts scattered throughout the city.
  • Utilize your sense of smell to find secret locations.
  • Fight thrilling bosses.
  • Fight against your friends in a PVP mode.
  • Shake money from Cats!

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